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Latest News

How To Budget For Your Home Renovation

Are you in the process of planning a home renovation? If so, one of the most important things to consider is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on this project? It’s important to be realistic and plan accordingly. 

In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on how to budget for your home renovation. Stay tuned for more information!

1. Decide On Your Budget 

When you’re planning a home renovation, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of a renovation, including the size of the project, the materials used, and the contractor you hire. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to let costs spiral out of control.

One way to help control costs is to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your renovation. Make a list of all the things you’d like to change, and then prioritize them. Once you know what your priorities are, you can start to research how much each item will cost. This will help you stay on track when it comes time to start making purchases.

Another way to keep costs down is to be willing to do some work yourself. Even if you’re not an experienced handyman, there are many small tasks that you can handle on your own. Painting, for example, is a relatively easy way to give any room a fresh new look. By taking on some of the work yourself, you can save money on labor costs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to shop around for deals. There are lots of ways to save money on home renovations if you’re willing to put in a little effort. Compare prices from different contractors, look for sales on materials, and so on. By being smart about your spending, you can keep your home renovation costs under control.

2. Set A Deadline For When You Want The Renovation Project Completed

As any homeowner knows, renovation projects can be a big undertaking. There’s a lot to think about, from budget and design to materials and construction. It can be hard to know where to start, let alone when you want the project completed.

That’s why setting a deadline can be so helpful. Having a firm date in mind will help you focus your efforts and make decisions along the way. It can also be a useful motivator, keeping you on track when things get tough. 

Of course, it’s important to be realistic when setting a deadline. Make sure you allow enough time for everything to be done right, or you may end up regretting it later. 

With that in mind, setting a deadline for your home renovation project can help make the process smoother and less stressful – not to mention giving you something to look forward to!

3. Create A List Of Priorities 

When it comes to renovating your home, it’s important to create a list of priorities. This will help you focus your efforts and ensure that you get the most important changes made first. For example, if you’re mainly concerned with increasing the value of your home, then you’ll want to prioritize projects that will have the biggest impact on resale value. 

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in making your home more comfortable and functional for your family, then you’ll want to focus on projects that will address your specific needs. Regardless of your priorities, creating a list will help you stay organized and make the most of your time and money.

4. Shop Around For Quotes From Contractors And Suppliers 

Home renovation can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and a little research, it doesn’t have to be. One of the most important things to do when planning a home renovation is to shop around for quotes from contractors and suppliers. 

This will help you get the best possible price for your project. It’s also a good idea to get multiple quotes so that you can compare prices and services. When getting quotes, be sure to ask about any discounts that may be available. 

Also, be sure to ask about the contractor’s experience and reputation. References from friends or family members can be a great way to find a reputable contractor. Once you’ve collected a few quotes, take the time to compare them and choose the one that’s right for you. 

With a little planning and research, your home renovation can be a success.

5. Make A Decision And Stick To It 

When you’re planning a home renovation, it’s important to make a decision and stick to it. There are so many choices to make during a renovation – from deciding on a contractor to picking out paint colors – that it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

 However, if you take the time to make a plan and stick to it, your renovation will go much more smoothly. One of the best ways to make sure you stick to your plan is to work with a professional contractor. A good contractor will help you figure out what you want to achieve with your renovation and then create a plan that will give you the results you’re looking for. 

Once you’ve made your decision and hired a contractor, it’s important to resist the temptation to change your mind. Of course, there will always be little details that come up during the course of the renovation that you didn’t anticipate. 

But if you try to constantly change your mind about the big things, it will only slow down the process and add to the cost. So trust your instincts, make a decision, and stick to it – your home renovation will thank you for it!

It is important to budget for your home renovation so that you can stay on track with your goals and not go over budget. By planning ahead, you will know what materials you need and how much the entire project is going to cost. We hope this article has helped you get started on your home renovation!

How To Start A Vegetable Garden In Your Backyard

If you’re like most people, you probably think of vegetable gardens as something that only rural farmers can enjoy. Well, think again! You can have your very own vegetable garden right in your backyard. All you need is a bit of land and some knowledge of how to get started.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting a vegetable garden in your backyard. So read on and get ready to start growing your own fresh produce!

1. Choose The Right Spot 

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a location for your vegetable garden. First of all, you’ll want to find a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day in order to grow properly.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure the spot you choose has good drainage. You don’t want your plants sitting in waterlogged soil, as this can lead to disease and root rot.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the size of the space you have available. If you only have a small patio or porch, you might not have enough room for a full-fledged vegetable garden. But that’s okay! There are plenty of vegetables that can be grown in containers or small raised beds.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your garden, it’s time to get started on your veggie-growing adventure!

2. Prepare The Soil 

Before you can start planting your dream vegetable garden, you need to prepare the soil. If you have never done this before, don’t worry! It’s not as difficult as it sounds. The first step is to test the soil to see what nutrients it is lacking. 

You can do this with a simple soil test kit or by sending a sample of your soil to a local gardening center. Once you know what nutrients your soil is lacking, you can add them using compost or other organic matter. It’s also important to make sure that your soil is loose and well-drained. If it is too dense, your plants’ roots will struggle to grow. To loosen up the soil, add some sand or other coarse material. 

Finally, don’t forget to give your plants plenty of room to grow! When you are preparing the beds for your vegetables, make sure to leave enough space between each plant. With a little bit of effort, you will be well on your way to having a healthy and productive vegetable garden!

3. What Vegetables Are Best Suited For A Small Backyard Garden 

If you’re thinking about starting a backyard garden, you may be wondering what vegetables are best suited for a small space. While there are many factors to consider, such as climate and soil type, there are also a few vegetables that are particularly well-suited for small gardens. One option is to grow salad greens, such as lettuce, arugula, and spinach. These greens can be harvested in succession, so you can enjoy fresh salads all season long. 

Another option is to grow root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, and radishes. Root vegetables are relatively easy to grow, and they don’t take up much space. Finally, if you’re looking for a challenge, you could try growing tomatoes. Tomatoes require more care than other vegetables, but they can yield a bountiful crop of delicious fruit. 

No matter what vegetables you choose to grow, with a little planning and some patience, you can create a thriving backyard garden.

4.Care For Your Vegetable Garden During The Growing Season

Spring is the perfect time to start a vegetable garden. There are a few things you need to do to get your garden started off on the right foot. First, you need to choose the right location. The spot you choose should get at least six hours of sunlight each day. 

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to start preparing the soil. You can do this by adding organic matter, such as compost or manure. This will help to improve the drainage and aeration of the soil. After you’ve prepared the soil, it’s time to start planting your vegetables. Remember to space them out properly so they have room to grow. 

Finally, water your plants regularly and fertilize them every few weeks. By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing a healthy and productive vegetable garden. 

If you are looking for a way to get started in gardening, or want to add more vegetables to your diet, starting a vegetable garden is a great option.

 By following the tips we’ve outlined in this article, you can create a thriving vegetable garden right in your backyard. What types of vegetables will you grow in your garden?

5 Efficient Ways To Clean Your Water Fish Tanks At Home

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your water tank until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, that often means by the time you realize there’s an issue, it’s too late and you have to call a professional.  In this blog post, we’ll show you five easy ways to clean your water tank so that you can avoid costly repairs down the road. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Salt Water

You can use salt water to clean your water tanks. The salt will help clean the tanks, and it is also safe for the fish. You can add a little bit of salt to the water or you can create a solution of half water and half salt. You should also consider adding some aquarium cleaner to the tank as well. This will help kill any bacteria that may be in your tank.

2. Vinegar And Baking Soda

You can mix vinegar and baking soda together to create a cleaning solution for your tanks. Mix one part baking soda with three parts vinegar, then put this mixture into your tank and let it sit overnight before draining it out again in the morning. It is important that you drain out all of the vinegar and baking soda mixture because if you leave it in there too long, it will start to kill off your fish.

Baking soda and vinegar is a great way to clean your tanks, but you can also add in some bleach or hydrogen peroxide to help kill off any bacteria that may be lingering inside of your water tanks. This method works really well for getting rid of stubborn stains that have built up in the past inside of your tanks as well as killing off any algae that may be growing on the sides or bottom of your tanks.

3. Vinegar And Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture

Another way to clean your tanks is by mixing together vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together in equal parts. Then pour this mixture into each one of your tanks, making sure they are completely filled up with this solution before leaving them alone at least overnight. 

 This allows the ingredients enough time to work their magic on the inside of your tank walls before draining them out again in the morning. This method works really well for cleaning algae from inside of your tanks as well as getting rid of any dirt or grime that may have built up over time inside of them as well!

4. Get It Cleaned From A Pet Store

Every fish owner knows that a dirty tank is a hazard to your fish’s health. But did you know that it can also be dangerous for you and your family? A dirty fish tank can harbor all sorts of harmful bacteria, including some that can cause serious illness in humans. 

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your tank cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Not only will this help keep your fish healthy, but it will also ensure that your family stays safe from harmful bacteria. 

So next time you’re thinking about skipping the professional cleaning, remember that it’s not just your fish that are at risk. Your entire family will be happier and healthier if you keep your tank clean.

5. Boiling Water 

You can also use boiling water to clean out your water tanks. Just fill each one of your tanks up with boiling hot water and let it sit overnight so that it has enough time to work its magic on the insides of each tank before draining them out again in the morning.

Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, at some point you’re going to need to give it a good cleaning. While there are a lot of products on the market designed to make this task easier, sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Boiling water can be an effective way to clean your fish tank, and it’s something you probably already have in your kitchen. 

So, these are the five ways that you can clean your fish tank at home. All of them are efficient and will help get the job done quickly. If you have any questions or want more information about any of these methods, please let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who also have fish tanks!

How to Clean Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can be a beautiful addition to any home, but they require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Concrete floors are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and versatile enough to suit any style. However, they can also be prone to staining and discoloration. To keep your concrete floors looking their best, it’s important to give them a regular deep clean. The following guide provides simple instructions on how to clean concrete floors in both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

1. Remove The Dirt And Grease 

The first step to cleaning concrete floors is to remove all of the dirt, dust, grease, and grime that has built up over time. This can be done by using a heavy-duty cleaner or degreaser. Be sure to use an appropriate cleaner for your type of concrete floor. 

For example, if you have a polished concrete floor, you will need to use a different cleaner than one that would be used on a porous surface such as in a garage where oil spills are common. 

2. Remove The Stains 

If your concrete floors have stains from rust or other substances, then you may want to try removing them before moving on to the next step in cleaning concrete floors. To do this, mix up some muriatic acid with warm water and pour it onto the stain. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before scrubbing it off with a stiff brush or sponge. 

If there is still some stain left after scrubbing, repeat this process until no more stain is removed from the concrete flooring surface. Be careful not to get any of this solution on your skin as it can be very irritating and even cause burns! 

3. Rinse-Off All Cleaner/Degreaser 

After you have removed all the dirt and stains from your concrete floors, rinse them off thoroughly with clean water so that they are completely free of any cleaners or degreasers that may remain on them after cleaning them with a heavy-duty cleaner or degreaser. 

Be sure not to leave any residue behind because this could ruin your newly cleaned floors when they get wet again at some point down the road due to rain or moisture in other areas like bathrooms or kitchens where moisture tends to build up easily because of how often these areas are used throughout the day or week depending on what type of home you live in! 

4. Let Dry Completely 

Once you have rinsed off all remaining cleaner/degreaser from your newly cleaned concrete flooring surfaces make sure that they dry completely before moving on to step 5 below which is sealing them for protection against future damage caused by spills and stains! 

You can speed up this process by using fans around your freshly cleaned cement flooring surfaces but make sure not to blow directly at them while they are drying as this could cause streaking due to excess moisture being blown onto them!

Also, make sure not to use heaters or other methods of drying that could potentially damage your newly cleaned concrete floors. 

5. Seal The Cleaned Concrete Flooring 

Once your freshly cleaned concrete flooring surfaces have dried completely, you can now seal them to protect them against future stains and spills. To do this, you will need a concrete sealer which is available at most hardware stores in a variety of different colors and finishes depending on what type of look you are going for! 

Before sealing your freshly cleaned concrete floors, be sure to test out the sealer on an inconspicuous area first so that you can be sure it will not cause any discoloration or damage to your new cleaner/degreaser free surface! 

If everything looks good after testing out the sealer on an inconspicuous area, then you are ready to apply it all over your newly cleaned cement flooring surfaces! 

Concrete floors can be a great addition to any home, but they require regular cleaning and maintenance to stay looking their best. But with regular cleaning, your concrete floors will stay looking like new for years to come. We hope that these tips for how to clean concrete floors quickly and easily have helped you. Thanks for reading!

How To Kill Mosquitoes From Your Home

Mosquitoes are pesky creatures that can ruin a summer evening outdoors or a peaceful night’s sleep. While there are many methods for repelling mosquitoes, some people find the harsh chemicals in bug spray too irritating. There are also concerns about using bug spray around children and pets. Luckily, there are several ways to kill mosquitoes from your home without using harsh chemicals. By using one of these methods, you can keep your home mosquito-free all summer long!

1. Lemongrass

The mosquito repellent properties of lemongrass have been well known for a long time. The oil from the lemongrass plant is what gives it its strong smell and the same oil can be used to repel mosquitoes. 

Lemongrass is one of the best natural repellents for mosquitoes. It can be planted in pots or grown in your garden, but you can also buy dried lemongrass to use as insect repellent. You just need to crush up some dry leaves and place them in a muslin bag or a small cloth pouch and hang it in areas where you are likely to get bitten by mosquitoes.

2. Citronella

Citronella has long been used as an insect repellent and it works very well against mosquitoes, especially those that carry malaria, dengue fever, and other tropical diseases which are transmitted by these insects. 

The citronella plant itself can be planted in pots and placed around your home or office, but if you don’t have enough space to grow your own plants, then simply buy some citronella candles which work just as well as the plant itself. 

If you want to make your own citronella candles at home, then simply mix some citronella oil with paraffin wax and let it cool down before using it as a candle. You can also add some lavender essential oil for added fragrance if you like!

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another great mosquito repellent because of its pleasant smell which keeps away these annoying insects from biting us while we relax outdoors on our patio or decking area during summer evenings or when we are having a barbeque with family and friends during the weekend at home or even when we go camping with our family members! 

To make your own lavender-scented candles at home all you need to do is mix up two tablespoons of lavender essential oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil (also available at most health food stores) and pour this mixture into four tea light holders (or any other small container). 

Let the mixture cool down before placing tea lights inside each holder before placing them on top of the candle holders so that they remain upright when burning! This will give off a lovely scent that will keep mosquitoes away! If you don’t want to make your own lavender-scented candles, then you can buy lavender-scented candles from most health food stores or online.

4. Keep Your Yard Maintained And Trimmed

Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs on tall grasses so it is very important that you keep the grass maintained and trimmed so that they cannot do this easily on your property. You should also make sure that shrubbery around fences and trees is trimmed back as well since these areas provide good hiding places for adult mosquitoes looking for a place to rest while they wait for unsuspecting victims to walk by them so they can bite them and suck their blood before laying more eggs in order to start the cycle all over again!

Do you want to get rid of mosquitoes from your home for good? If so, follow the tips we have outlined in this blog post. By using a combination of natural and chemical methods, you can make sure that your home is mosquito-free. Remember to be patient – it may take a little time before all the mosquitoes are gone.

5 Ideas For Cozying Up Your Dorm Room

So you’re stuck in a tiny dorm room with nothing but a bed, desk, and chair. How are you supposed to make this place feel like home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With a few simple changes, your dorm room can be the cozy sanctuary you always wanted it to be. Keep reading for our top tips on how to do just that!

Buy Blankets And Pillows

Get yourself some cozy blankets and pillows. If there’s one thing that can make a space feel cozier, it’s definitely blankets and pillows. Invest in a few good-quality ones that you really love, and your dorm room will instantly feel more like home.

Your dorm room is your home away from home, so make it as cozy and comfortable as possible! One way to do that is to add some colorful blankets and pillows. It’ll make your space feel more welcoming and put you at ease after a long day of classes. Plus, they’ll come in handy when you want to take a nap or watch a movie.

Add Fairy Lights

Make use of string lights. String lights are another great way to add some extra coziness to your dorm room. Hang them up around your bed or window to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If you want to add a little bit of luxury to your dorm room, then consider adding some fairy lights. Fairy lights are small, delicate lights that can add a touch of glamour to any space. They’re perfect for hanging around your bed or dresser. 

You can find fairy lights at most home goods stores or online. Whether you’re looking for a way to cozy up your dorm room or add some extra light, string lights and fairy lights are both great options. Both are relatively inexpensive and easy.

Bring In Some Greenery

Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help to purify the air in your dorm room. So if you’re looking for ways to add some character and warmth to your dorm room,  consider bringing in a few plants.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Aloe Vera: Not only does this plant look cool, but it can also help to soothe burns. Moreover, you can use its leaves as a conditioner for hair, moisturizer for skin, or food cooling sunburns.
  • Spider Plant: The spider plant is known for being one of the best air-purifying plants out there. So if you’re looking for a way to improve the quality of the air in your dorm room, this is a great option.
  • Peace Lily: The peace lily is a beautiful plant that can help to filter out toxins from the air. It’s also known for being relatively low maintenance. 

Use Cozy Fabrics

There are a lot of different fabrics that can help to make a space feel more cozy, such as flannel, fleece, and velvet. So if you’re looking to add some extra warmth to your dorm room, consider using some of these fabrics in your decorating scheme.

Here are some reasons why you should use cozy fabrics to decorate your dorm room:

  1. Cozy fabrics such as fur and wool make the perfect addition to any bedding ensemble. They add an extra layer of warmth and comfort, making it easier to drift off to sleep at night.
  2. Cozy fabrics can help reduce noise levels in your room. If you live in a dorm with thin walls, the fabric can help muffle sound and make it easier to concentrate on studying or sleeping.

Add Personal Touches

The best way to make any space feel like home is by adding personal touches. So think about what things make you feel comfortable and cozy, and add them to your dorm room accordingly. Whether it’s photos, artwork, or knick-knacks, be sure to include things that represent you and your personality.

Whether you’re just starting your college career or you’re a returning student, we hope these ideas have inspired you to make your dorm room feel more like home. From cozy furnishings to fun accessories, there are plenty of ways to personalize your space and make it feel warm and inviting. So get creative and start decorating! And if you need some extra help, be sure to check out our other blog posts for more inspiration. Thanks for reading.

8 Creative Ways To Remodel The Attic

There are many creative ways of how to remodel the attic. You can maximize the potential of your attic by using clever and unique ideas. You can turn your attic into a home office, a bedroom, or even a play area for your children. There are many possibilities, so be creative and use your imagination! The sky’s the limit when it comes to remodeling your attic. But here are a few ideas to help you get started!

Home Office

You can turn your attic into a perfect home office space. You need to consider how much natural light you will be able to get in order for this idea to work. Try installing skylights, but if that’s not an option, then try painting the ceiling white or adding lamps and other sources of light.

Another great feature would be built-in bookshelves and cabinets for storage, as well as a desk and comfortable chair. As long as the attic is away from all noise and distractions and it has ample window lighting (or lamps), your first choice should be ideal!

Extra Bedroom

If you have guests who visit often or young children who require their own bedrooms, then you can easily transform your attic into a bedroom.  You can paint the walls a fun pastel or vibrant color, add a carpet for a cozy feel, and add built-in desks, cabinets, and wardrobes. 

This will give your guests privacy from you and other family members while also giving them plenty of space to store their belongings.

Storage Room

If your house doesn’t have an extra storage space then it’s the perfect time to add one! To create a closet space,  install shelves on the wall and paint them to match the walls. If you want more storage space, consider adding an extra wardrobe or even a small desk if space allows. Just remember to measure the room properly before purchasing any furniture! That way everything will fit perfectly.

Hobby Room

Do you like sewing? Collect model cars? Or do other crafts as a hobby? Transform your attic into a special room that can be used specifically for these hobbies! You should definitely install lighting (preferably bright lights) because it may get dark upstairs depending on whether your house has skylights or not. 

Also, install huge windows so there’s plenty of natural light coming in each day! For those who enjoy sewing, try installing your sewing machine in a desk  corner, and add a storage shelf full of fabrics. Hobby rooms can vary from person to person, so you should definitely get creative with this one!


If you love reading books but don’t have a quiet corner  of your house to sit in, then you should definitely turn your attic into a library. You can install wall-to-wall bookshelves or just simply add one big shelf along the wall of an attic bedroom. 

This is guaranteed to increase the value of your home, because everyone likes to have a secret getaway where they can escape from reality. Also, it’s very cozy up there!

Craft Room

Do you have an abundance of craft supplies? Then why not turn your attic into a craft room! You can buy whiteboards to create a workspace, or install wall-to-wall cabinets to store all your materials.

Not only will this brighten up the space, it’ll also give you more organizational clarity. Go ahead and bust out those paints and let loose your imagination!

Exercise Room

Who doesn’t want to work out at home? And by renovating the attic into a gym/exercise room, you are giving yourself plenty of workout space without sacrificing any square footage in your house! What’s great about transforming the attic is that it has high ceilings so there will be enough headroom for you to stretch.

Playroom For Kids

For parents who are looking forward to hosting playdates or sleepovers with their kids (or any young children) during the holidays, consider turning your attic space into a playroom! Install bright and colorful floor mats and furniture like tables and chairs so that the kids will be happy playing up there for hours on end.

So there you have it, eight creative ways to remodel your attic. Whether you are looking for more storage space, a new play area for the kids or just want to update your home’s look, these ideas will get you started. Remember to think outside the box and be creative with your design. 

5 Project-Worthy DIY Home Remodeling Ideas

It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re DIY-ing your home, but don’t worry because we’ve got some great DIY ideas for all of you DIY’ers out there! From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms, DIY projects are the perfect way to keep your house in tip-top condition without breaking the bank. 

Consider this your go-to guide for transforming the look and feel of any home. With 5 clever projects that are both cost effective, yet make quite an impact on those around you; there’s no need to search elsewhere!

1. Use Stencil To Create An Accent Wall

Stenciling is a great way to give your space some personality and style. The best part about it? You can make any room in the house feel like home with just one simple change!

1. Choose a stencil that complements your home’s style

2. Tape the stencil to the wall and paint over it with a contrasting color

3. Remove the stencil and admire your handiwork!

4. Repeat the process on additional walls for a cohesive look

5. If you’re feeling adventurous, try painting a mural instead of using a stencil

2. Craft A Peg Board

You can be your own CEO and create the perfect workstation. Peg boards are great for organizing cables, tools or other items in an organized fashion because they’re easy to hang on practically any wall type!

1. Buy a peg board and some hooks

2. Drill holes in the peg board where you want to hang your hooks

3. Hang the peg board on a wall in your garage, workshop, or laundry room

4. Start organizing your tools, supplies, or clothes with the help of the peg board

5. Add more hooks or shelves to the peg board as needed

3. DIY Kitchen Rollouts

Kitchen rollouts are the perfect way to give your space that final, professional touch. With our step-by-step guide you can install them in no time!

1. Measure the width and depth of your kitchen cabinets

2. Cut plywood to those dimensions, plus 1/4″ on all sides for clearance

3. Stain or paint the plywood to match your kitchen cabinets

4. Drill holes in the back of the plywood for mounting screws

5. Screw brackets into the back of the plywood for mounting rollouts

6. Buy rollouts at a home improvement store (or build them yourself)

4. Paint Your Floor Tiles   

Give your home a fresh new look by painting the floor tiles in different colors. This is an easy project for anyone to do, and it’s perfect if you want some light color changes because just one coat will give off amazing vibes!

1. Choose a color that will brighten up the room and match your decor

2. Tape off the tiles using painter’s tape

3. Paint the tiles with a roller or brush – make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies

4. Let the paint dry completely (usually takes 24 hours)

5. Seal the paint with a coat of floor sealant for extra protection

6. Enjoy your new, colorful floor!

5. DIY A Wood Ceiling

You want your living area to feel like it’s floating, don’t you? The right type of beam can make all those worried about their head turning doe-eyed. Decking out the room with wooden beams will create a welcoming atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or watching TV on lazy weekends!

1. Measure the room you want to install a wood ceiling in

2. Purchase 1×4 boards and 2×2 boards at your local hardware store

3. Cut the 1x4s into 4-foot lengths and cut the 2x2s into 3-foot lengths

4. Arrange the boards on top of each other so that they are perpendicular to one another, with one end of board touching floor (continue until all boards are connected) 

5. Use drywall screws to secure together (make sure there is no gap between joints or it will look like a grid) 

6. Once installed, paint or stain to achieve your desired effect.

Make your home more than just a place to live in, but also an extension of yourself. The best thing about remodeling projects? You get the satisfaction from knowing that it was all done by YOU!

8 Creative Ways To Bring Nature Into The Kitchen

What could be more beautiful than bringing nature into your home? Especially in your kitchen? The kitchen is the most important part of your home and making it with natural materials is what everyone will surely love to adapt. This can be done by choosing a wooden or natural stone countertop or by decorating the kitchen with beautiful plants. Natural materials in the kitchen provide a lot of warmth and atmosphere in your home. 

Curious about the possibilities and advantages of natural materials in the kitchen? Then read on and be inspired!

1. A Natural Look With Plants

Plants are highly recommended in the natural kitchen style. Plants give the sleek and sometimes even boring kitchen a warm and playful atmosphere. Plants emit oxygen and help to cleanse the air in a room. Is there enough room in your kitchen? Then consider a small herb garden in the kitchen. This not only creates a natural atmosphere, but also fresh cups of mint tea and delicious recipes with fresh basil. Enjoy your meal!

2. Natural Stone Countertop

Countertops are often made from natural materials. With one countertop, the natural appearance immediately comes to the fore, and with other materials, the natural material is less recognizable. Countertops made of natural stone are trending now a days. Natural stone, composite, or granite: all these materials are durable and provide a natural and warm appearance in the room.

3. Concrete Gives A Soothing Look

Concrete is also highly recommended in a natural kitchen. A concrete countertop is very popular thanks to its warm and robust look and feel. The natural and solid appearance of concrete fits well with a cool and warm interior, such as in the industrial or country kitchen style. The options are unlimited since concrete is poured. In addition, this material is hard, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant, which means that it lasts a long time.

4. Marble In The Kitchen

Many interior enthusiasts just can’t get enough of it: marble. Marble is also a commonly used material in the kitchen. From a marble back to a new counter; marble fits everywhere! When using marble in your kitchen, you immediately create a luxurious, high-quality look. Because there is also a lot of marble-look material on offer in the kitchen world, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a luxurious look in your kitchen.

5. Warm, Wooden Counter And Worktops

You can also beautifully create the natural kitchen style with the material wood. Whether this is through a subtle wall shelf or a complete wooden kitchen, everything is possible. A wooden countertop is a popular choice and can be beautifully combined with any other material. This allows you to integrate it well into any kitchen style. A wooden worktop immediately catches the eye and radiates heat into the kitchen. However, a wooden countertop must be well finished and maintained regularly.

6. Kitchen Cabinets Endorsed In Wood

In a complete wooden kitchen, the cabinets are also made of wood. This fits perfectly with the country kitchen style. Do you want to make the wood material come back in a subtle way? Then consider wooden details in your kitchen. Think, for example, of a wooden wall shelf or wooden kitchen accessories. The material wood is easy to work with and therefore available in various finishes and shades. Choose the shade that matches your interior style and make your home a beautiful and stylish whole.

7. Natural colors

In addition, there is a wide choice of wood colors and types. In the color palette that runs from light to dark and from gray to brown tones, there is always a color that suits your taste and interior. Moreover, the choice of wood largely determines the appearance of your kitchen. Do you want a rural look? Then a type of wood with clear knots is recommended. A fine wood structure fits well in a modern kitchen.

8. Dark kitchen theme

A black kitchen is the kitchen trend of the last two years. And actually, this is not surprising. Due to the neutral black color, a black kitchen fits in every home. Despite the dark cool look, a black kitchen is very chic and very stylish. Another benefit is that you may have your current kitchen doors coated black. This way you can create a very luxurious kitchen look for a limited budget. In 2021, in addition to the black kitchens, dark brown and deep gray kitchens will also be completed. So plenty of choices!

Bottom Line

With the latest kitchen trends bring nature into your kitchen. We can see more and more nature and greenery in our interior. Wood and earth tones combined with natural materials are also gaining popularity in the kitchen. The warm earth colors create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. The fresh greenery of plants, flowers, and herbs gives the whole a cheerful touch and a homely feeling.

5 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Green And Gorgeous

There’s just something about green that no other color can compete with. The calmness, freshness, and at the same time the vibrance that it brings to your house is unmatchable! If it was up to me I’d paint my house green but that would be a little too much and a definite interior design mistake. So let’s dedicate one of our most frequently used part of the home “Kitchen” to incorporating green in the house and staying fresh all day while you cook in the kitchen. It is very important that your kitchen is always welcoming and beautiful because the time spent cooking can become really exhausting if the working space is not comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here are 5 tips to make your kitchen green and gorgeous! 

  1. A Light Green Backsplash 

Green can for sure be an overwhelming color so painting your kitchen green or using it in huge amounts can look a little disastrous. The best way to subtly add green is by using it in your backsplash! While they do makeup for a lot of space in the kitchen a light green color like sage green is ideal for all kitchens and goes very well with the frequently used shades in the kitchen of white and grey. If you are in the mood for some DIY then let the cement stay and get your hands on a bucket of sage green or any other green color you prefer and get painting!

  1. Impressionate Countertops 

You know what’s going to look stellar in your kitchen? Emerald Green Countertops! We all know how good black countertops look in any kitchen. Emerald green will give a very similar undertone to black but the outlook of emerald green is definitely going to make everyone turn back and look once more. You can pair this bold choice with some subtle colors in the cabinets and door handles while one accent wall can go on to show your love for green to match with the countertops! Additionally, if you have any countertop accessories try to keep them in a light color. 

  1. Experiment With Flooring 

Who said that you can’t have green in your flooring? Green is a versatile color that can be used anywhere depending on your aesthetic sense or your interior designer’s style. A good option would be ceramic flooring with a minimalistic design or if you like patterned tiles go for something that has 2-3 shades of green that complement other elements in your kitchen as well. One of my favorites is a vintage Ceramic Tile. They’ve been around a long time and I’m sure there’s no way they can be out of fashion so if you can find the right colors do give them a try in your kitchen! Your green and gorgeous dreams would be fulfilled very easily. 

  1. Add Green With Your Furniture 

Going experimental with your furniture may be a little difficult but there isn’t much kitchen furniture you can mess around with. The small dining table in your kitchen or a long cushion in the kitchen window can be easily experimented with. An olive green table with forest-themed table mats and lightly colored chairs can be a good addition to a white or off-white kitchen. This bold choice can make your kitchen stand out as well as make it look gorgeous. If you have already added green in your kitchen through walls and other accessories your furniture can be a mix of neutral colors or crisp white if it doesn’t get too messy every day.

  1. Bring In The Outdoors

This is the easiest and possibly the cheapest way to revive the freshness in your kitchen. Plants are always a beautiful addition to any space especially if you know how to manage them and actually keep them alive. If you’re not much of a gardener, go for something low maintenance like Snake Plant, ZZ plant, Aloe Vera, Pothos and Jade etc. If you’re busy with work and tend to forget to take care of your plants, these plants can easily make your kitchen green and gorgeous! However, if you are a fan of gardening, making a small indoor kitchen garden on a window sill is the best idea ever! You can grow sage, lavender, cilantro and mint right in front of you and always give your food the crisp freshness of homegrown veggies. 

So let’s get working and make your kitchen the source of some awesome food and aesthetic vibes! 

5 Incredible Diy-Projects To Remodel Your Bedroom

Now and then, it does not hurt to give your precious bedroom a facelift. Seeing and sleeping in the same room may get boring but you can spruce it up in simple ways that will not require you to splurge money or waste time. In fact, these mind-blowing DIY designing techniques are not only fun but add to the aesthetics of your personal space.

To get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled a list of DIY projects you can try to redesign and decorate your bedroom and give it a fresh new look!

1. Design or Decorate a New Headboard for Your Bed

Your bed’s headboard is like an empty canvas just waiting to be filled with décor, art, and even accessories that add character, color, and vibrance to your room.

If there are any existing covers or decors, peel them off with the right tools. You can purchase inexpensive foam and a new cover of your choice. Try velvet if you are going for a vintage, comfy look; or leather if you want a sleek and modern bedroom design.

You may not want a pillowy surface, so you can work directly on the wooden board. One great way to add a new look to your room is by getting your hands dirty and painting the headboard in the colors of your choice. Try experimenting with different colors and designs to see which fits your vision the best.

One popular design these days is having your family members stamping colorful handprints all over the headboard. From the oldest to the youngest family members, and even your household pets can contribute to this very personal and eccentric, and unique design.

2. Make Storage Under the Bed, or Inside Couches and Settees

You may try as hard as you like but there will be days when you simply cannot escape the piles of bags, clothes, shoes, books, and work-related material from stacking up on the bed or other surfaces in your room.

Unless you are willing to clean up the mess every day, you can make storage space under the bed or even inside couches and settees. You can lift the mattress or the corner of the sofa to access a block of storage that you can use to stash in clothes, shoes, and other items.

Some beds have built-in drawers that you can use to arrange your belongings inside if your room is not spacious enough. You can even invest in cloth racks or canvas boxes that can slide underneath the bed. These are great when you wish to organize your materials without spending too much money.

You can even store quilts, extra pillows, towels, blankets, bedsheets, winter jackets, etc., inside your sofa or settee, or underneath the bed so your closets still have space inside.

3. Decorate the Walls with Paintings, Lights, and Accessories

A great activity for you and the kids in your family would be to design and decorate props or accessories that would look perfect hanging on the walls.

You can stick to a simple design or just use a fresh coat of paint to redesign your bedroom, or you can take it a step further by adding a colorful new wallpaper. Much like the creative designs for your headboard, you can also stick to handprints of your friends and family on the wall to give it a personal touch, or you can paint murals of your favorite artwork, anime, TV show, video game, movie, etc.

Alternatively, you can simply hang some fairy lights on the walls attached to pictures of your friends and family. We also recommend changing to textured looks for your walls that give it a whole different aesthetic from the usual plain designs.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture and Create More Space

Sometimes designing and decorating means simply shifting your furniture around and trying out new arrangements that make use of space better. You may feel tired of seeing your furniture placed in the same spot for years, but just by pushing the bed to the opposite side or edge, you can really make an impact on the overall look.

You can push the armchair or the sofa by the window or the fireplace to create a comfy reading spot. Remove chunky dressers or vanities that take up too much space and use mobile carts or smaller furniture instead that is easier to clean and gives you more room to add accessories.

5. Declutter and Discard Chunky Furniture or Useless Items

One of the most effective ways to give your bedroom a fresh new look is by simply getting rid of all the useless items that take up space and sell chunky furniture that is difficult to move and maintain.

Access your belongings carefully and toss away anything that is not useful or does not have any sentimental value attached to it. This should include furniture, clothes, old notebooks, empty bottles and jars, old lights that do not function, cushions, and throws that no one uses, etc.

Keep it simple and classic! Only keep items that have a practical use, or have sentimental value attached to them. Declutter thoroughly to give your room a neater and more organized appearance. 

Tips To Build The Best Home Theatre Room

There are some true satisfaction points of building a home where you feel like your house has reached perfection, home theatre is one of them. Once you are done with the rest of your house and still have money in the bank. It’s time to invest in your entertainment. After all, everyone needs a home theatre room, right?

But, setting up a home theatre is more than just a couch and a screen. It requires careful planning to truly achieve the desired ambiance. From lighting to projectors to nearby snacks, etc, it needs careful planning. Let’s look at some tips to help us make the home theatre of our dreams:

1. Dedicated Room 

The number one rule to designing a home theatre system would be to dedicate it to its own space although a lot of people lean towards using the home theatre room for several activities the problem is that it kills/lessens the ambiance of the room. Home theatre nowadays means from sources like Amazon Netflix, Hulu, etc which makes people use shared rooms.

For example, if you share your home theatre as a living room where kids are running around light is difficult to control, which is very important for a home theatre room. If you have a spare bedroom its will work fine, just remember that you would need at least a 14-foot distance to cast a 150-inch diagonal picture through a projector. As long as it’s not hurting the eyes the room should be fine.

2. Control the Light

Ambient light refers to the light coming from other sources such as other bedrooms windows etc. In-home remodeling projects we typically invest time and money into bringing in more light inside the house. But with home theatres, it is of vital importance to keep the light from other rooms away light leaks kill video projection and makes flat viewing less enjoyable. If you have ambient light inside your house and there is no way to control it, you would need a lumens rating projector to fight the ambient light. The best way is to choose a room or a spot that doesn’t have an ambient, to begin with, if you can’t block the light naturally use curtains shades etc because lumens are expensive.

3. Seating & Viewing

The second most important thing while planning a home theatre is a seating arrangement. Nobody should be too far from the screen or too close to the screen or their screen shouldn’t be blocked. Elevated seats are a good option but it cannot be directly used inside homes and it’s only the luxury of the cinema space. Our goal is to raise the seat so that nobody’s view is blocked, even a 6-inch boost to each seat can be enough to clear the sightlines of the one sitting behind you. Distance from the screen is usually measured through the size of the projection you want to do and the size of the room. For example, In a normal bedroom sitting in front of a 55-inch screen can overwhelm the eyes of the closet one. Moreover, seating does not need to be a home theatre style sofa or couches, it can be anything that feels comfortable and doesn’t obstruct the view.

4. Control the Sound

To achieve the perfect home theatre room, we have to control the sound. The sound does not need to bounce off ceilings, walls, and floors which is very common in a home theatre room since it does not contain anything else except a projector and comfortable seating. Try going for wall carpeting but if wall carpeting isn’t your thing remember that it reduces sound and you might want to experiment a little with your home theatre. Moreover, soft and cushy sittings can also absorb a lot of noise so make sure to invest in good furniture as well. If you are in the middle of your home remodeling project you might want to add a second layer of drywall or sound-reducing wallboards inside your home theatre. Make sure to install solid doors inside the room instead of hollow ones and put thicker curtains on your theatre room windows.

Home theatre might feel like a luxury but if you are a movie buff or want to spend some money on family time inside the house, this is the way to go. Remember you don’t need to break the bank for this, it only needs careful planning. We hope the above tips will help you achieve your dream home theatre room. Let us know some other tips that have worked for you while designing your home theatre.

5 Creative DIY Ideas To Build A Reading Nook In Your Home

Reading nooks are a great way to relax and take a break from the chaotic everyday life and enjoy a responsibility free time. Which is why dedicating spaces in our home for activities like reading, relaxing with a cup of coffee by the window or working out is considered to have the same effect as therapy. Reading nooks can be used for reading a book, burning through a stash of magazines, or just enjoying some coffee and some alone time! 

The best thing about reading nooks is that they don’t require a lot of space and you can easily do it yourself without having to spend any renovation budget on them! Here are some creative ways you can incorporate a reading nook in your home:

1. Closet Turned Room:

Closets are a perfect spot for a reading nook if you want a place hidden from any noises and distractions. You can place a bench or a drawer/hairdresser in there and the drawers can act as book shelves. Throw in a mattress, cushions and a reading light and viola! The door of the closet can be removed or kept depending on whether or not you want the reading corner to be exposed. This is a great idea if you don’t have space in your home for bookshelves or a mini library!

2. Long Bench By The Windows:

If you have a window in the living room you can use a long bench or old drawers to be used as bookshelves and pair it with some sofa cushions. Old shelves, bechnes, and drawers can be easily found at flea markets for a really cheap price and you can paint it to match your interior colors! Enjoying some fresh air, a cup of coffee and a nice book by the window is a great way to relax and put away stress.

3. Hammock And Ladder:

Hammocks are commonly found in our backyards to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun, but using a hammock for a home library is something you probably would’ve never thought of! You can build a shelf wall for the books which can be accessed by a ladder attached to a rail. A hammock can be attached to the same rail a few feet up the ground and your unique reading nook is ready to go. Most people won’t even know where to look for you!

4. Attic Nook:

If you have a window and extra space in your attic, it’s a perfect place for a hidden private reading nook that can also double as a bed! You can either build a bed frame with a large drawer for the books or use old drawers and benches ( we recommend the former!) and place a comfortable mattress over it. Building your own shelves and bed frame will give you a project to do in your spare time and will give you that quiet reading nook many dream of! 

5. Under The Stairs:

If you have open space under the stairs you can utilize it to create a perfect reading corner. Place some shelves, sunken lights, and comfy pillows and mattress and indulge in a relaxing getaway! Using a bench is not compulsory and a mattress can be placed on the floor with a mass of pillows that can even be used as a secret nap spot!

Building a reading nook is the perfect DIY activity you were looking for and it doesn’t even require a lot of space. You can turn random empty corners of your home into relaxing spots for spending time away from the regular boring routine and turn to a world of imagination and fantasy for a while!

5 DIY’s To Transform Your Kitchen

While kitchen remodels sound very fancy and outclass, most of us have budget and time constraints that won’t allow us to go through with our dream projects. But the good news is that kitchen remodels don’t come from highly-priced tiles of wooden cabinets, but the little details that we pay attention to. Below we have chosen major components of your kitchen and how a little change to the knobs or the lightning can help you get the place gleaming without breaking your bank:

1. Install Lighting Under Cabinets

Not only do these lights improve visibility but also give your kitchen a warm glow to go with. These lights are easy to install and can be done at home by yourself. They come in 17$ for a strip of 4. These lights are an instant upgrade and make your kitchen feel quite modern.

2. Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware includes your doorknobs, drawer knobs, pulls, etc. These parts are often the most forgotten but once upgraded to something fancier, it instantly changes the look of your kitchen and compliments everything. Because most hardware uses the same standard screws, it’s easy to swap them with new ones. It starts from 25$ and up to 25 pieces each. It’s not only inexpensive but can also be done within an hour or two.

3. Paint

Be it your kitchen backsplash, your cabinets, or your fridge, adding that extra pop of color can really transform your space if done right. This project will likely cost around some 25-30$. If you don’t like the backsplash, give it a coat of enamel and repaint it to your desired color. Moreover, we love the recent trend of adding a bold color refrigerator to your space but they can be expensive so we would recommend going for a fridge paint job. But be careful to add a coat of primer and chalk before you paint your fridge. This will cost around 40$ and will highlight your space in a transformative way. 

4. New Lighting

Whether it’s making your space feel more bright and cheerful or giving it a dark mysterious look both can be achieved easily.  For a brighter kitchen, we recommend installing some pendant lights just above the kitchen sink or your bar area. There are infinite options for buying lights to fit every style, comfort, and budget. If you want to decrease your lighting, we recommend recessed lights. These lights are a bit more complicated than your average DIY but nothing you can handle through a google search. 

5. Vinyl Floor Tiles

The average flooring plan could cost you a couple hundred to thousand dollars. But if you are up for it, this weekend you could transform your kitchen with peel and stick vinyl flooring. This is a fairly easy way to upgrade your tiles, it will not only save you time but only cost a fraction of actual overhaul costs. The options are limitless, from black in white checkered to golden or two flower patterns as well. 

6. Faucets

Kitchen faucets were thought to be a functional unit of the kitchen till a few years ago but thanks to the creative designers, they have managed to transform this seemingly functional unit into an aesthetic detail. Faucets can start from as cheap as 50$ and go up a couple hundred depending on the finish and style. This may sound like a plumber’s job but it can easily be done in a matter of an hour or two by anyone.

Accessorizing your kitchen can be fun and exciting. Apart from the ones above you can also go for changing your appliances, organizing your cabinets, etc. Small changes can make bigger impacts whether it’s your kitchen or your life. Let us know what little changes made your kitchen pop

5 Interior Design Tips To Make Your House Look Aesthetically Pleasing

Home is the place where we spend most of our time so it should provide us comfort as well as look aesthetically pleasing because it lifts one’s mood. Every homeowner wants to create an interior design that is inspiring as well as makes the best first impression on guests. It feels so good to see people admiring the details and overall look of your house.

Now, to help you achieve that here are 5 tips you can follow to make your space look aesthetically pleasing. 

1. Invest in Unique Lights

Lighting matters a lot and is an important part of an interior design plan. If you want to make your space look beautiful, you need to invest in lights such as pendant lamps because these look so good and are the best choice for a modern home interior. Be careful while choosing the lights and always go for unique designs that will stand out and not the ones that do not attract one’s visual attention. 

2. Add Indoor Plants 

Adding a touch of green colour and nature in your house will give it an overall natural and beautiful look. Decorating with large plants makes a huge difference in the interior design plan. Place them in your living room or hallway. The best part is buying plants won’t cost you much and enhance the look of the area where they are placed. Arrange them in corners and see how they elevate the aesthetics. 

3. Insert Interesting Art Pieces  

When you are planning an interior design, always make sure to do your research before finalising stuff. Art pieces literally are the best thing that you can invest in, so make it a part of your designing plan. Always keep 3 designs in your mind that you want to buy according to your needs because there is a lot of variety and it depends on what kind of look you want. Even if you want a minimal interior design plan, art pieces will look amazing and will create additional texture as well. 

4. Redesign Your Old Furniture

To give a new look to your house, renovate the old furniture by polishing and painting. You can even paint the kitchen cabinets in white colour to give an aesthetic and calm look to your kitchen. Your house will look new and redesigning it will make you happy. Buying new furniture can cost you a lot and it will go out of your budget so it is better to give a new look to the old furniture and cabinets. In this way you do not have to worry about expenses and can just experiment in a way you like. 

5. Follow Specific Color Themes

While planning, always choose a colour scheme for your house. Make a list of 3,4 colours so that everything looks balanced and not too much. You can do research on which colours look best according to the design of your house. You can choose from primary and secondary colours and then make a decision which colour combinations will look best. There are different schemes that you can choose from but you need to plan it all after doing your own research.

These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind when you are planning. The process should be simple and smooth. Always plan every little thing so that you do not have to worry about anything in the end. It is not easy to design your house but with planning and taking the right steps, you will get what you want and it will be worth it.

5 Spectacular DIY Remodeling Ideas With Careful Budgeting

Everybody wants to have an elegant, spacious and functional abode but not everyone can afford the overcharged architects, interior designers, and professional builders to build their dream house. Thanks to modern technology and social media, now we can access the amazing and informative ideas of these professionals at our fingertips in the comfort of our home, and can understand and evaluate the latest trend that we can infuse in our four walls especially when one is modest when it comes to budget. Let’s have a look at these five spectacular DIY tips to remodel your home that will not break your bank. 

1. Chalk Paint The Old Cabinets

Give a makeover to your decade-old Faux oak kitchen and bathroom cabinets at home from an overwhelming amount of options. Paint your cabinets with chalk paint for a unique and royal look to your kitchen, the regular paint needs a lot of preparation, priming, and sanding. The chalk paint needs you to have the right tools and there you go, you can turn a boring and dull kitchen into a white, spacious and elegant look.  

2. Install More Storage in Your Kitchen Island

Storage has always been an enormous problem in every household. There is never enough space to store the winter blankets, fancy china, and everyday appliances. In the kitchen, the problem is even bigger, especially when the guests arrive. So how can you create more places for storage? In the kitchen, however, there is a big central island that can work as a storage unit and would look even more fastidious than before. Build drawers and cabinets on your island. Place wine racks, cutlery, cookbooks, and plant pots in the drawers. Place your fancy dinner set in the newly made cabinets. Your kitchen island is not merely for seating and counter space makes it more user-friendly by installing new cabinets and drawers in it. 

3. Create Anything With Wood Pallets 

wooden pallets are a great source to give a traditional and rustic look to your place. we are not only talking about the kitchen cabinet, pallets are just all over the place. They have a re-purposeful arsenal and can even decorate the central wall of your living room with a jaw dropping effect. From the rustic cabinets to patio furniture, pallet outdoor bars to coffee tables, cooler boxes to side lamps, sectional sofa to the wine rack, there is nothing that pallets cannot be.  The good news is that pellets are back in trend, are surprisingly cheap and anybody can make anything out of it in no time. 

4. Facelift Your Fireplace 

To turn on the heat in your living room focal point,  give your fireplace a facelift at home. It will not cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks but will give you space a refreshing look altogether. Get your hands over a sledgehammer and scrape down the eyesore old brick surround. Make a facelift with the ever-trendy marble pieces of any color of your liking. Adorne it with framing or painting or let it be if you already love the stone texture. 

5. Change Your Bathroom Flooring 

If you still have the 1970s laminate flooring in your bathroom, dig it up today and replace it with vinyl tiles. This is the easiest DIY task,  all you need to do is peel down and stick down the tiles but if you want to create an artistic look in your personal bathroom, furnish the floor with pennies. This may take more time but the results are truly artistic and unique. You can use the same tiles to build a backsplash in your bathroom, maybe with a  few layers of it, or cover the whole wall for a tasteful look.

With conveniently available DIY tutorials on the internet nowadays, you can actually create anything on your own, and when it comes to decorating your own home, who else could be better than you. Just take a look at the design trends and get going. 

DIY’s To Cleanse Your Palate After A Bad Day Of Eating!

It’s easy to get carried away on the weekend with your friends or after a breakup, you never know. But the uneasy feeling that follows a day of unhealthy eating is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in your stomach. They make your tummy terrible and all you want is to throw up. In order to deal with this we have found the 6 best foods to help your gut after the splurge of cholesterol, preservatives, additives and junk foods.

  1. Avocado Smoothie. 

The most beneficial fruit in relieving any kind of liver disorders is Avocado, this was proved by a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. This king of fruits has two magic oils in it called linalool and geranyl acetate, they have been associated with effecting your body in a very positive way if you have IBS ( Irritable Bowl Syndrome) or any other digestive disorder which is most likely triggered after a day of unhealthy eating. Grind up some avocado with low fat yogurt and you have the best detox! 

  1. Turmeric Milk

It’s like whatever happens and there this one magic word “Turmeric”. Whether it’s getting rid of discoloration, healing a sore or recovering from a day of binge eating. The health benefits of this bright yellow powder are due to the curcumin which has been shown to reduce bile duct blockage and scarring in the liver. Warm up some milk and add one spoon full of turmeric in the milk, you might not like the taste so add a sweetener or powdered Milo for a better taste. 

  1. Grilled Fish or Chicken 

Fish and Chicken are a great source of lean protein. The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish are also beneficial for combating the effects of over eating. It will help in fighting the inflammation which is caused by the high amount of preservatives and additives in the junk food. Take a chicken breast and air fry it to reduce your oil consumption. You can try some sauteed vegetables with it to have a fulfilling meal and avoiding any unhealthy eating for the day. 

  1. Low Fat Yogurt Smoothies

The bacteria that enters our body after a bad day of eating is endless, we don’t know what it is and where it came from. The best way to deal with it is with yoghurt, with its probiotics it will boost your immunity and maintain a healthier gut. If you don’t want to eat plain yoghurt, pair it with some berries. Or better yet choose a fruit rich in antioxidants to have the best booster for your tummy! 

  1. Oatmeal And Nuts

What to eat for breakfast is the hardest choice to make when you wake up with a terrible tummy. Oatmeal is the best breakfast option, it will give you the ideal head start for your day. The fiber that is contained in oatmeal will help to kick out the bad cholesterol out of your system and reset you for the new day. Add nuts for an extra kick of energy in your breakfast. This quick and easy breakfast recipe is perfect for relieving yesterdays bad blood. 

  1. Blanched Spinach With Chicken 

Popeye ate it for all the right reasons, the amount of work you have to do for a day of binge eating is no less than the amount of work you need to beat someone up (not that I am encouraging you to do that). Spinach is packed with vitamins-B2 which help to mobilize fat. B-vitamins are also known to fight with diseases and infections which may have entered your system after the series of unhealthy eating yesterday. Quick tip; make sure you don’t boil them and all the vitamins and nutrients are vanished. Eat them raw or lightly steamed to take maximum advantage of these green leafy vegetables. Grill your chicken with minimal spices so that this meal doesn’t have an impact  

Whether it was a bad breakup or day out with friends we have got you covered!

5 Things To Consider While Choosing Kitchen Backsplash

One of the most troublesome decisions, when you plan your kitchen-remodeling project is your choice of backsplash. The kitchen backsplash is a material that is fitted from a ledge along the wall up to the cabinetry and helps you in keeping your kitchen perfect and functional. It may give you an aesthetics backdrop and modern layout to the general look of your kitchen. There are unlimited kinds of tiles from stones, to glass to metal to clay for the backsplash. Furthermore, that is not all of course, obviously the colors and design all make for a range of layout to choose from. I accept all parts of your kitchen should cooperate in general and the backsplash is a focal point of that composition. Here are a few observations on kitchen backsplash designs and all the do’s and don’ts from an designing perspective.


One of the best decisions is stone slab for a minimal look. Rather than utilizing singular tiles arranged in a sequence, you can introduce a large marble slab that covers the wall end to end. This look is all about the magnificence and glory of the marble. In some of the designs, a similar stone is installed on the ledge so there is a consistency and symmetry to the kitchen. No grout lines, no overwhelming designs, only one enormous surface region of stone. It is amazing in contemporary kitchens where cabinetry is simple and the details are minimal. They all work together to offer that solid expression. So in the event that you need an insignificant contemporary kitchen, do consider a marble for your backsplash.

Adding Special Feature or Open Shelving:

Another extraordinary choice for making your backsplash an uncommon component in your kitchen (considering our previous example) is possible with one enormous piece of marble too. You can add racks to add the special feature. The tones and patterns in the veins truly make the segment of the kitchen a focal point. With the extraordinary elements in your backsplash, you need to adjust the vibe of those elements with other components in your kitchen like upper cupboards, open racking, windows and so forth. At the point when you have an intense backsplash, open shelve is the correct choice. It is an incredible method to point out a region that is isolated from the kitchen like a storeroom or a bar region.

Bold Colors:

A bold color for your kitchen backsplash is another great way to make a statement or make it a special feature. If you are choosing a bold color, you must really love that color because it can be a very dominant feature in your kitchen. It is important to keep in mind while choosing a bold color for your kitchen that not just the colors but also the overall shape of your kitchen’s backsplash matters to get the desired result. Don’t make the backsplash the only thing that stands out in your kitchen. Remember, in all the aspects of your kitchen you need to work together. For example, if you love a deep dark turquoise tile, consider the rest of the kitchen and how it holds everything together. Plan how the open shelving, closed cabinetry, bold colors etc will work out throughout the whole kitchen and the backsplash help keep all those elements together. Of Course there are other ways to introduce colors into your kitchen. You may want to consider accessories that are easily changed after a few years, as you may get tired of that color. You can use lighting, accessories and other furniture to make those the color statement that you want in your kitchen.

Pattern Or Texture:

Another option to consider is pattern, this can be accomplished with mosaic tiles or small individual tiles in a specific pattern. In this technique, the most successful backsplash are those, which bridge the gap between countertops and the upper cabinetry. They are not the focal point but blend into the kitchen while enhancing the overall look of the kitchen


Selecting a backsplash is more than just picking a tile that you love. You need to consider how strong it will look in your kitchen, whether it will work with all the other elements of your kitchen, what shape that looks like? What color should it be? How can you create the perfect backdrops with other elements in your kitchen? A beautiful kitchen is the sum of all its parts.

8 Organizing Tips For A Simplified Kitchen

No matter what size your kitchen is, staying organized can be challenging. From small appliances and food items to utensils and glassware, there is a ton of stuff to stow away in your kitchen; it tends to be hard to sort out some way to store things like plastic food container lids, cutting boards, baking sheets, food wraps, pot lids, and more. And every kitchen has its quirks, so you have those to factor in, too. Whether you’re exploring tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space, there’s a lot to struggle with when you’re trying to keep your kitchen neat and organized while ensuring all you require is easy accessibility.

Avoid Using Food Storage Containers That Take Up Too Much Space

Decanting adds a cohesive look and might help in clearing all the mess, but those big pots and food storage containers may not be offering you any space-saving favors.

Avoid Open Shelving 

Open shelving is great. It looks fabulous when empty or organized really well but the reality of it is, life is messy. You need crews of people that keep setting that up and making that just right. Maintaining open shelves can be challenging and might wont work unless you can guarantee that you are so OCD that you are going to have those shelves cleans, attractive and looking like a retail store all the time. 

Organize Before You Style

You might be putting a lot of effort in styling and deciding where you display pretty dishes, a stand mixer or a crock of matching cooking tools in your kitchen. It is not bad to work on style but sometimes it might make it difficult to use the space, because you have dedicated prime places to display your dishwares or tools rather than daily use.

Prioritize Your Tools 

When arranging our kitchens, we often make the mistake of organizing according to appearances rather than functionality. Keep cooking tools and your go-to pots and pans as close to the stove as possible, then stash food storage containers in a cabinet near the fridge so you can drop off leftovers without taking any extra steps. You just cut your meal prep time in half. 

Avoid Keeping Too Many Appliances On The Countertop

You probably do not need that appliance, if you have not used it in the past month. Find a spot in your cabinets or Kitchen Island to place all your seasonal appliances. Ponder on, if you really need that appliance or is it the time to resell or donate it. Rather than focus on the loss of the appliance, just think about all the counter space you will gain. 

Use Vertical Storage Correctly 

Upper cabinets are usually hard to reach; you often need a stool to access things stored in upper cabinets. It is a perfect place for fancy dishware that you only use once or twice a year. It can also be utilized for storing extra cleaning supplies. Do not place your everyday use dishes or supplies in upper cabinets. Moreover, Use shelf dividers to maximize the storage space

Use Wall Spaces

Do not try to squeeze and fit everything in drawers and cabinets. Adding hooks, a towel bar, or a magnetic knife rack can play strong in resolving storage and organizing issues. Hanging dish towels on the walls makes it easier for you to grab when you need to dry the dishes.

Avoid buying Organizers You Don’t Need 

In case if you have a huge range of organizers that are occupying a lot of space in your cabinet, then it is the right time to sort them out. We often buy stuff without analyzing if it is really required or not. As a result, we own a collection of extra stuff that we do not really need. Think before you buy any organizer like drawers, dividers etc. and then plan accordingly 

When you move into a new space, you want it to look good. But starting with decor could backfire. It’s counterproductive to style your kitchen before organizing it.

5 Ideas To Keep In Mind While Remodeling Your Kitchen

We don’t utilize our kitchen just to cook food; we have dinners, parties, or a cup of coffee with our family in the same kitchen. Improving the functionality of your kitchen and organizing it well will permit the space to feel open, seem clean, and look extraordinary while satisfying your necessities. Here are 5 ideas to keep in mind while remodeling your kitchen to make it functional and organized.

1. Open Wall Storage

Utilizing vertical shelves, hanging racks and hooks is a great idea to increase your kitchen storage as well as keep your daily use utensils in your arms reach. These kitchen storage items are cheap to buy and easily available. These items also help you declutter your kitchen and store everything within a small designated space.  This idea is extraordinary for every kitchen no matter how big or small your kitchen is, also allowing you to choose the layout as you please without any restrictions. This kitchen storage arrangement is additionally an extraordinary way to flaunt your colorful wall or beautiful tiles that in any case may be covered by the massive cabinets.

2. Don’t Waste The Corner

Another incredible storage arrangement is a corner cabinet with a two-tiered carousel, pullout shelves, or wire racks on tracks. Utilize these clever storage solutions and have access to the otherwise squandered space, where you can keep skillets and large pots, rarely used appliances and other unused items. They store into these cabinets properly and give easy access when required, assisting with making a more coordinated kitchen. 

3. Organize Your Spices

Most people tend to store spices in the top cabinets of their kitchens making it difficult to find less used spices or the ones that were stored at the back of the cabinet. Storing these spices in a drawer can help you save time while cooking as well as save you money by not letting you buy the spices you already have in your kitchen just because you couldn’t find them. This can be considered as a small change but will make a huge difference as you could have your eyes on all the spices you stored in the kitchen at once.

4. Stop Flaunting Your Appliances in an Ugly Manner

Often your friends or guests accompany you in the kitchen while you are preparing dinner for them. Letting them see an ugly row of appliances on the countertop can put a bad impression of your beautiful kitchen in their minds. So present these time-saving kitchen gadgets in a proper manner. You could think of using appliance garages or panels that are storage units for your appliances with the vertically retractable front door. Also, it will help you keep your countertop clean and give you more space while prepping your food.

5. It’s Your Kitchen

Planning your kitchen remodel can be hectic and time-consuming. Often people tend to find inspiration from various kitchen designs to get the work done but forget that the kitchen they were inspired from wasn’t their kitchen. So always plan your kitchen according to your need and the way you work in your kitchen because everyone doesn’t work the same way in their kitchen. For instance, you could place frequently used items next to each other in locations that are easily accessible to you. So planning your kitchen remodel according to your necessities and workflow can increase your kitchen’s functionality and efficiency by saving your time and energy running around the kitchen and finding stuff.

People often make beautiful mistakes in their kitchen just because they had focused on making things look pretty in the kitchen and not functional or organized. Keep these ideas in mind while planning your kitchen remodel and your kitchen will not only look beautiful but will also serve its purpose in an impeccable way.

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