5 Creative DIY Ideas To Build A Reading Nook In Your Home

Reading nooks are a great way to relax and take a break from the chaotic everyday life and enjoy a responsibility free time. Which is why dedicating spaces in our home for activities like reading, relaxing with a cup of coffee by the window or working out is considered to have the same effect as therapy. Reading nooks can be used for reading a book, burning through a stash of magazines, or just enjoying some coffee and some alone time! 

The best thing about reading nooks is that they don’t require a lot of space and you can easily do it yourself without having to spend any renovation budget on them! Here are some creative ways you can incorporate a reading nook in your home:

1. Closet Turned Room:

Closets are a perfect spot for a reading nook if you want a place hidden from any noises and distractions. You can place a bench or a drawer/hairdresser in there and the drawers can act as book shelves. Throw in a mattress, cushions and a reading light and viola! The door of the closet can be removed or kept depending on whether or not you want the reading corner to be exposed. This is a great idea if you don’t have space in your home for bookshelves or a mini library!

2. Long Bench By The Windows:

If you have a window in the living room you can use a long bench or old drawers to be used as bookshelves and pair it with some sofa cushions. Old shelves, bechnes, and drawers can be easily found at flea markets for a really cheap price and you can paint it to match your interior colors! Enjoying some fresh air, a cup of coffee and a nice book by the window is a great way to relax and put away stress.

3. Hammock And Ladder:

Hammocks are commonly found in our backyards to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun, but using a hammock for a home library is something you probably would’ve never thought of! You can build a shelf wall for the books which can be accessed by a ladder attached to a rail. A hammock can be attached to the same rail a few feet up the ground and your unique reading nook is ready to go. Most people won’t even know where to look for you!

4. Attic Nook:

If you have a window and extra space in your attic, it’s a perfect place for a hidden private reading nook that can also double as a bed! You can either build a bed frame with a large drawer for the books or use old drawers and benches ( we recommend the former!) and place a comfortable mattress over it. Building your own shelves and bed frame will give you a project to do in your spare time and will give you that quiet reading nook many dream of! 

5. Under The Stairs:

If you have open space under the stairs you can utilize it to create a perfect reading corner. Place some shelves, sunken lights, and comfy pillows and mattress and indulge in a relaxing getaway! Using a bench is not compulsory and a mattress can be placed on the floor with a mass of pillows that can even be used as a secret nap spot!

Building a reading nook is the perfect DIY activity you were looking for and it doesn’t even require a lot of space. You can turn random empty corners of your home into relaxing spots for spending time away from the regular boring routine and turn to a world of imagination and fantasy for a while!

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