5 DIY’s To Transform Your Kitchen

While kitchen remodels sound very fancy and outclass, most of us have budget and time constraints that won’t allow us to go through with our dream projects. But the good news is that kitchen remodels don’t come from highly-priced tiles of wooden cabinets, but the little details that we pay attention to. Below we have chosen major components of your kitchen and how a little change to the knobs or the lightning can help you get the place gleaming without breaking your bank:

1. Install Lighting Under Cabinets

Not only do these lights improve visibility but also give your kitchen a warm glow to go with. These lights are easy to install and can be done at home by yourself. They come in 17$ for a strip of 4. These lights are an instant upgrade and make your kitchen feel quite modern.

2. Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware includes your doorknobs, drawer knobs, pulls, etc. These parts are often the most forgotten but once upgraded to something fancier, it instantly changes the look of your kitchen and compliments everything. Because most hardware uses the same standard screws, it’s easy to swap them with new ones. It starts from 25$ and up to 25 pieces each. It’s not only inexpensive but can also be done within an hour or two.

3. Paint

Be it your kitchen backsplash, your cabinets, or your fridge, adding that extra pop of color can really transform your space if done right. This project will likely cost around some 25-30$. If you don’t like the backsplash, give it a coat of enamel and repaint it to your desired color. Moreover, we love the recent trend of adding a bold color refrigerator to your space but they can be expensive so we would recommend going for a fridge paint job. But be careful to add a coat of primer and chalk before you paint your fridge. This will cost around 40$ and will highlight your space in a transformative way. 

4. New Lighting

Whether it’s making your space feel more bright and cheerful or giving it a dark mysterious look both can be achieved easily.  For a brighter kitchen, we recommend installing some pendant lights just above the kitchen sink or your bar area. There are infinite options for buying lights to fit every style, comfort, and budget. If you want to decrease your lighting, we recommend recessed lights. These lights are a bit more complicated than your average DIY but nothing you can handle through a google search. 

5. Vinyl Floor Tiles

The average flooring plan could cost you a couple hundred to thousand dollars. But if you are up for it, this weekend you could transform your kitchen with peel and stick vinyl flooring. This is a fairly easy way to upgrade your tiles, it will not only save you time but only cost a fraction of actual overhaul costs. The options are limitless, from black in white checkered to golden or two flower patterns as well. 

6. Faucets

Kitchen faucets were thought to be a functional unit of the kitchen till a few years ago but thanks to the creative designers, they have managed to transform this seemingly functional unit into an aesthetic detail. Faucets can start from as cheap as 50$ and go up a couple hundred depending on the finish and style. This may sound like a plumber’s job but it can easily be done in a matter of an hour or two by anyone.

Accessorizing your kitchen can be fun and exciting. Apart from the ones above you can also go for changing your appliances, organizing your cabinets, etc. Small changes can make bigger impacts whether it’s your kitchen or your life. Let us know what little changes made your kitchen pop

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