5 Incredible Diy-Projects To Remodel Your Bedroom

Now and then, it does not hurt to give your precious bedroom a facelift. Seeing and sleeping in the same room may get boring but you can spruce it up in simple ways that will not require you to splurge money or waste time. In fact, these mind-blowing DIY designing techniques are not only fun but add to the aesthetics of your personal space.

To get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled a list of DIY projects you can try to redesign and decorate your bedroom and give it a fresh new look!

1. Design or Decorate a New Headboard for Your Bed

Your bed’s headboard is like an empty canvas just waiting to be filled with décor, art, and even accessories that add character, color, and vibrance to your room.

If there are any existing covers or decors, peel them off with the right tools. You can purchase inexpensive foam and a new cover of your choice. Try velvet if you are going for a vintage, comfy look; or leather if you want a sleek and modern bedroom design.

You may not want a pillowy surface, so you can work directly on the wooden board. One great way to add a new look to your room is by getting your hands dirty and painting the headboard in the colors of your choice. Try experimenting with different colors and designs to see which fits your vision the best.

One popular design these days is having your family members stamping colorful handprints all over the headboard. From the oldest to the youngest family members, and even your household pets can contribute to this very personal and eccentric, and unique design.

2. Make Storage Under the Bed, or Inside Couches and Settees

You may try as hard as you like but there will be days when you simply cannot escape the piles of bags, clothes, shoes, books, and work-related material from stacking up on the bed or other surfaces in your room.

Unless you are willing to clean up the mess every day, you can make storage space under the bed or even inside couches and settees. You can lift the mattress or the corner of the sofa to access a block of storage that you can use to stash in clothes, shoes, and other items.

Some beds have built-in drawers that you can use to arrange your belongings inside if your room is not spacious enough. You can even invest in cloth racks or canvas boxes that can slide underneath the bed. These are great when you wish to organize your materials without spending too much money.

You can even store quilts, extra pillows, towels, blankets, bedsheets, winter jackets, etc., inside your sofa or settee, or underneath the bed so your closets still have space inside.

3. Decorate the Walls with Paintings, Lights, and Accessories

A great activity for you and the kids in your family would be to design and decorate props or accessories that would look perfect hanging on the walls.

You can stick to a simple design or just use a fresh coat of paint to redesign your bedroom, or you can take it a step further by adding a colorful new wallpaper. Much like the creative designs for your headboard, you can also stick to handprints of your friends and family on the wall to give it a personal touch, or you can paint murals of your favorite artwork, anime, TV show, video game, movie, etc.

Alternatively, you can simply hang some fairy lights on the walls attached to pictures of your friends and family. We also recommend changing to textured looks for your walls that give it a whole different aesthetic from the usual plain designs.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture and Create More Space

Sometimes designing and decorating means simply shifting your furniture around and trying out new arrangements that make use of space better. You may feel tired of seeing your furniture placed in the same spot for years, but just by pushing the bed to the opposite side or edge, you can really make an impact on the overall look.

You can push the armchair or the sofa by the window or the fireplace to create a comfy reading spot. Remove chunky dressers or vanities that take up too much space and use mobile carts or smaller furniture instead that is easier to clean and gives you more room to add accessories.

5. Declutter and Discard Chunky Furniture or Useless Items

One of the most effective ways to give your bedroom a fresh new look is by simply getting rid of all the useless items that take up space and sell chunky furniture that is difficult to move and maintain.

Access your belongings carefully and toss away anything that is not useful or does not have any sentimental value attached to it. This should include furniture, clothes, old notebooks, empty bottles and jars, old lights that do not function, cushions, and throws that no one uses, etc.

Keep it simple and classic! Only keep items that have a practical use, or have sentimental value attached to them. Declutter thoroughly to give your room a neater and more organized appearance. 

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