5 Project-Worthy DIY Home Remodeling Ideas

It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re DIY-ing your home, but don’t worry because we’ve got some great DIY ideas for all of you DIY’ers out there! From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms, DIY projects are the perfect way to keep your house in tip-top condition without breaking the bank. 

Consider this your go-to guide for transforming the look and feel of any home. With 5 clever projects that are both cost effective, yet make quite an impact on those around you; there’s no need to search elsewhere!

1. Use Stencil To Create An Accent Wall

Stenciling is a great way to give your space some personality and style. The best part about it? You can make any room in the house feel like home with just one simple change!

1. Choose a stencil that complements your home’s style

2. Tape the stencil to the wall and paint over it with a contrasting color

3. Remove the stencil and admire your handiwork!

4. Repeat the process on additional walls for a cohesive look

5. If you’re feeling adventurous, try painting a mural instead of using a stencil

2. Craft A Peg Board

You can be your own CEO and create the perfect workstation. Peg boards are great for organizing cables, tools or other items in an organized fashion because they’re easy to hang on practically any wall type!

1. Buy a peg board and some hooks

2. Drill holes in the peg board where you want to hang your hooks

3. Hang the peg board on a wall in your garage, workshop, or laundry room

4. Start organizing your tools, supplies, or clothes with the help of the peg board

5. Add more hooks or shelves to the peg board as needed

3. DIY Kitchen Rollouts

Kitchen rollouts are the perfect way to give your space that final, professional touch. With our step-by-step guide you can install them in no time!

1. Measure the width and depth of your kitchen cabinets

2. Cut plywood to those dimensions, plus 1/4″ on all sides for clearance

3. Stain or paint the plywood to match your kitchen cabinets

4. Drill holes in the back of the plywood for mounting screws

5. Screw brackets into the back of the plywood for mounting rollouts

6. Buy rollouts at a home improvement store (or build them yourself)

4. Paint Your Floor Tiles   

Give your home a fresh new look by painting the floor tiles in different colors. This is an easy project for anyone to do, and it’s perfect if you want some light color changes because just one coat will give off amazing vibes!

1. Choose a color that will brighten up the room and match your decor

2. Tape off the tiles using painter’s tape

3. Paint the tiles with a roller or brush – make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies

4. Let the paint dry completely (usually takes 24 hours)

5. Seal the paint with a coat of floor sealant for extra protection

6. Enjoy your new, colorful floor!

5. DIY A Wood Ceiling

You want your living area to feel like it’s floating, don’t you? The right type of beam can make all those worried about their head turning doe-eyed. Decking out the room with wooden beams will create a welcoming atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or watching TV on lazy weekends!

1. Measure the room you want to install a wood ceiling in

2. Purchase 1×4 boards and 2×2 boards at your local hardware store

3. Cut the 1x4s into 4-foot lengths and cut the 2x2s into 3-foot lengths

4. Arrange the boards on top of each other so that they are perpendicular to one another, with one end of board touching floor (continue until all boards are connected) 

5. Use drywall screws to secure together (make sure there is no gap between joints or it will look like a grid) 

6. Once installed, paint or stain to achieve your desired effect.

Make your home more than just a place to live in, but also an extension of yourself. The best thing about remodeling projects? You get the satisfaction from knowing that it was all done by YOU!

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