5 Spectacular DIY Remodeling Ideas With Careful Budgeting

Everybody wants to have an elegant, spacious and functional abode but not everyone can afford the overcharged architects, interior designers, and professional builders to build their dream house. Thanks to modern technology and social media, now we can access the amazing and informative ideas of these professionals at our fingertips in the comfort of our home, and can understand and evaluate the latest trend that we can infuse in our four walls especially when one is modest when it comes to budget. Let’s have a look at these five spectacular DIY tips to remodel your home that will not break your bank. 

1. Chalk Paint The Old Cabinets

Give a makeover to your decade-old Faux oak kitchen and bathroom cabinets at home from an overwhelming amount of options. Paint your cabinets with chalk paint for a unique and royal look to your kitchen, the regular paint needs a lot of preparation, priming, and sanding. The chalk paint needs you to have the right tools and there you go, you can turn a boring and dull kitchen into a white, spacious and elegant look.  

2. Install More Storage in Your Kitchen Island

Storage has always been an enormous problem in every household. There is never enough space to store the winter blankets, fancy china, and everyday appliances. In the kitchen, the problem is even bigger, especially when the guests arrive. So how can you create more places for storage? In the kitchen, however, there is a big central island that can work as a storage unit and would look even more fastidious than before. Build drawers and cabinets on your island. Place wine racks, cutlery, cookbooks, and plant pots in the drawers. Place your fancy dinner set in the newly made cabinets. Your kitchen island is not merely for seating and counter space makes it more user-friendly by installing new cabinets and drawers in it. 

3. Create Anything With Wood Pallets 

wooden pallets are a great source to give a traditional and rustic look to your place. we are not only talking about the kitchen cabinet, pallets are just all over the place. They have a re-purposeful arsenal and can even decorate the central wall of your living room with a jaw dropping effect. From the rustic cabinets to patio furniture, pallet outdoor bars to coffee tables, cooler boxes to side lamps, sectional sofa to the wine rack, there is nothing that pallets cannot be.  The good news is that pellets are back in trend, are surprisingly cheap and anybody can make anything out of it in no time. 

4. Facelift Your Fireplace 

To turn on the heat in your living room focal point,  give your fireplace a facelift at home. It will not cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks but will give you space a refreshing look altogether. Get your hands over a sledgehammer and scrape down the eyesore old brick surround. Make a facelift with the ever-trendy marble pieces of any color of your liking. Adorne it with framing or painting or let it be if you already love the stone texture. 

5. Change Your Bathroom Flooring 

If you still have the 1970s laminate flooring in your bathroom, dig it up today and replace it with vinyl tiles. This is the easiest DIY task,  all you need to do is peel down and stick down the tiles but if you want to create an artistic look in your personal bathroom, furnish the floor with pennies. This may take more time but the results are truly artistic and unique. You can use the same tiles to build a backsplash in your bathroom, maybe with a  few layers of it, or cover the whole wall for a tasteful look.

With conveniently available DIY tutorials on the internet nowadays, you can actually create anything on your own, and when it comes to decorating your own home, who else could be better than you. Just take a look at the design trends and get going. 

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