5 Things To Consider While Choosing Kitchen Backsplash

One of the most troublesome decisions, when you plan your kitchen-remodeling project is your choice of backsplash. The kitchen backsplash is a material that is fitted from a ledge along the wall up to the cabinetry and helps you in keeping your kitchen perfect and functional. It may give you an aesthetics backdrop and modern layout to the general look of your kitchen. There are unlimited kinds of tiles from stones, to glass to metal to clay for the backsplash. Furthermore, that is not all of course, obviously the colors and design all make for a range of layout to choose from. I accept all parts of your kitchen should cooperate in general and the backsplash is a focal point of that composition. Here are a few observations on kitchen backsplash designs and all the do’s and don’ts from an designing perspective.


One of the best decisions is stone slab for a minimal look. Rather than utilizing singular tiles arranged in a sequence, you can introduce a large marble slab that covers the wall end to end. This look is all about the magnificence and glory of the marble. In some of the designs, a similar stone is installed on the ledge so there is a consistency and symmetry to the kitchen. No grout lines, no overwhelming designs, only one enormous surface region of stone. It is amazing in contemporary kitchens where cabinetry is simple and the details are minimal. They all work together to offer that solid expression. So in the event that you need an insignificant contemporary kitchen, do consider a marble for your backsplash.

Adding Special Feature or Open Shelving:

Another extraordinary choice for making your backsplash an uncommon component in your kitchen (considering our previous example) is possible with one enormous piece of marble too. You can add racks to add the special feature. The tones and patterns in the veins truly make the segment of the kitchen a focal point. With the extraordinary elements in your backsplash, you need to adjust the vibe of those elements with other components in your kitchen like upper cupboards, open racking, windows and so forth. At the point when you have an intense backsplash, open shelve is the correct choice. It is an incredible method to point out a region that is isolated from the kitchen like a storeroom or a bar region.

Bold Colors:

A bold color for your kitchen backsplash is another great way to make a statement or make it a special feature. If you are choosing a bold color, you must really love that color because it can be a very dominant feature in your kitchen. It is important to keep in mind while choosing a bold color for your kitchen that not just the colors but also the overall shape of your kitchen’s backsplash matters to get the desired result. Don’t make the backsplash the only thing that stands out in your kitchen. Remember, in all the aspects of your kitchen you need to work together. For example, if you love a deep dark turquoise tile, consider the rest of the kitchen and how it holds everything together. Plan how the open shelving, closed cabinetry, bold colors etc will work out throughout the whole kitchen and the backsplash help keep all those elements together. Of Course there are other ways to introduce colors into your kitchen. You may want to consider accessories that are easily changed after a few years, as you may get tired of that color. You can use lighting, accessories and other furniture to make those the color statement that you want in your kitchen.

Pattern Or Texture:

Another option to consider is pattern, this can be accomplished with mosaic tiles or small individual tiles in a specific pattern. In this technique, the most successful backsplash are those, which bridge the gap between countertops and the upper cabinetry. They are not the focal point but blend into the kitchen while enhancing the overall look of the kitchen


Selecting a backsplash is more than just picking a tile that you love. You need to consider how strong it will look in your kitchen, whether it will work with all the other elements of your kitchen, what shape that looks like? What color should it be? How can you create the perfect backdrops with other elements in your kitchen? A beautiful kitchen is the sum of all its parts.

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