5 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Green And Gorgeous

There’s just something about green that no other color can compete with. The calmness, freshness, and at the same time the vibrance that it brings to your house is unmatchable! If it was up to me I’d paint my house green but that would be a little too much and a definite interior design mistake. So let’s dedicate one of our most frequently used part of the home “Kitchen” to incorporating green in the house and staying fresh all day while you cook in the kitchen. It is very important that your kitchen is always welcoming and beautiful because the time spent cooking can become really exhausting if the working space is not comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here are 5 tips to make your kitchen green and gorgeous! 

  1. A Light Green Backsplash 

Green can for sure be an overwhelming color so painting your kitchen green or using it in huge amounts can look a little disastrous. The best way to subtly add green is by using it in your backsplash! While they do makeup for a lot of space in the kitchen a light green color like sage green is ideal for all kitchens and goes very well with the frequently used shades in the kitchen of white and grey. If you are in the mood for some DIY then let the cement stay and get your hands on a bucket of sage green or any other green color you prefer and get painting!

  1. Impressionate Countertops 

You know what’s going to look stellar in your kitchen? Emerald Green Countertops! We all know how good black countertops look in any kitchen. Emerald green will give a very similar undertone to black but the outlook of emerald green is definitely going to make everyone turn back and look once more. You can pair this bold choice with some subtle colors in the cabinets and door handles while one accent wall can go on to show your love for green to match with the countertops! Additionally, if you have any countertop accessories try to keep them in a light color. 

  1. Experiment With Flooring 

Who said that you can’t have green in your flooring? Green is a versatile color that can be used anywhere depending on your aesthetic sense or your interior designer’s style. A good option would be ceramic flooring with a minimalistic design or if you like patterned tiles go for something that has 2-3 shades of green that complement other elements in your kitchen as well. One of my favorites is a vintage Ceramic Tile. They’ve been around a long time and I’m sure there’s no way they can be out of fashion so if you can find the right colors do give them a try in your kitchen! Your green and gorgeous dreams would be fulfilled very easily. 

  1. Add Green With Your Furniture 

Going experimental with your furniture may be a little difficult but there isn’t much kitchen furniture you can mess around with. The small dining table in your kitchen or a long cushion in the kitchen window can be easily experimented with. An olive green table with forest-themed table mats and lightly colored chairs can be a good addition to a white or off-white kitchen. This bold choice can make your kitchen stand out as well as make it look gorgeous. If you have already added green in your kitchen through walls and other accessories your furniture can be a mix of neutral colors or crisp white if it doesn’t get too messy every day.

  1. Bring In The Outdoors

This is the easiest and possibly the cheapest way to revive the freshness in your kitchen. Plants are always a beautiful addition to any space especially if you know how to manage them and actually keep them alive. If you’re not much of a gardener, go for something low maintenance like Snake Plant, ZZ plant, Aloe Vera, Pothos and Jade etc. If you’re busy with work and tend to forget to take care of your plants, these plants can easily make your kitchen green and gorgeous! However, if you are a fan of gardening, making a small indoor kitchen garden on a window sill is the best idea ever! You can grow sage, lavender, cilantro and mint right in front of you and always give your food the crisp freshness of homegrown veggies. 

So let’s get working and make your kitchen the source of some awesome food and aesthetic vibes! 

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