7 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

7 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Ho

A new pet is a great adventure. From your cat rubbing herself on you and flirting with you to your dog’s wet nose and tail wagging, we all love our furry family. A home is a safe space for everyone and should be the same for our pets as well. However, to our furry friends everything is a potential toy and they might wreak havoc in excitement.

To keep them safe and ensure they only bring joy and happiness. Here are some tips to pet proof your home, inside out. 

1.Keep closet doors shut

First and foremost keep your closet and drawer doors shut. That fabric softener sheet with the fresh pile of laundry is super appealing to dogs and cats love sitting on newly cleaned laundry but unfortunately it’s toxic to them. If your pet has a big mouth and loves to chew on things like shoe laces or buttons then this is quite dangerous too. Again it yields a risk of blockages. 

2.Waste bins with lids

A whiff of nicely cooked fish or wasted cat or dog food makes them go crazy over the trash can. Getting into the garbage can has the risk of bacteria and the bathroom tissue pill can cause intestinal blockages. The solution to this is tight lids that are difficult to open for paws and try not to open them when your pets are around so they don’t learn and adapt 

3.Cover all lids

This is a big one if your puppy or kitten are the kind who can’t resist a dangling wire. Our options include covering up the lids, spraying the area with deterrent spray which tastes and smells too or last but not the least could be covering up the entire cord with cord covers. Those used for babies can come in handy too.

4.Store medicines up and away

The repercussion of this one is quite obvious, although animal and human medicines don’t mix they are easy to tell apart. But keeping it away safe in another place is worthed since quite frankly you never know what your curious baby might chew or swallow. This has been one of the leading causes for emergency pet visits for a lot of pet owners

5. House Plants

Quite a huge variety of houseplants are toxic to pets, be very careful with the greenery you bring inside.All pets and especially cats like chewing and smelling plants. If you are not sure a quick google search can help you get a list of which ones not to bring in. Some of them are ivy, aloe vera, jade, pothos, elephant’s ear etc.

6. Clear your countertops

Anyone with a countertop knows that if you leave those yummy brownies outside, its gonna get eaten, whether it’s a human or a pet. No matter how well they were wrapped as long as they are left on the countertop. So we suggest tucking everything away in closets, fridge or the pantry and saving everyone a trip to the vet or the bakery.


A Lot of pets like to lounge near the fireplace and the smell and temptation of going near the fire to touch it with their paws is real. Avoid it at all costs, this can lead to very deadly consequences. Install a good fireplace screen that wont block the ambiance and the vibe of your fireplace and also keep your furry friends safe

We hope these tips help keep your pets safe, if all else fails then install child locks and get your pet their own room or corner. If it’s stuffed with their favorite things, they don’t want to come out and poke your things.

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