DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Dull-Looking Living Room

In 2020, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors. With this increased amount of time spent inside the house, it is only normal to get bored with your surroundings. As a result, people are taking on new interior decoration projects to enhance their living spaces. After all, it provides a healthy distraction from the stress-inducing condition of our world. Getting the right contractor also helps. We’ve used Kitchen Infinity for our home kitchen improvement projects, along other local contractors, and we’ve yet to be disappointed by them!

Let’s start with the living room since this is where you will be spending most of your time. Given below is the list of easy and affordable DIYs, you can try to beautify your living room.

Add An Accent Wall

If you have dull and boring walls or if you don’t like the color of your paint, then repaint the whole room in a neutral color with the exception of an accent wall. You can buy wallpaper from Amazon or if you are feeling extra crafty, then draw a geometric pattern. Take a plastic tape and paste it on the wall in whatever pattern you like. Paint the wall with your desired color and let it dry. Then finally, carefully remove the tape and ta-da! your artistic masterpiece is ready. Hang a matching painting and you are good to go.

Make Yourself A Cozy Me-corner

This part of the living room can be designed in any way you want. You can give it a personal touch through elements that represent your personality. For example, if you are a bookworm then you can add a shelf with your favorite books, a comfy chair, or other seating arrangements, hang posters of your favorite books’ film adaptation and artifacts based on your favorite books, etc. If you are a zen master, then set up a meditation corner with scented candles, sage, crystals, and dreamcatchers. Set up a sound system to play meditative tunes, hang warm lights, and complete it with a comfy cushion.

Build A Coffee Table

Repurpose the old wooden fruit crates lying around in the garage by making a coffee table out of them.

  • Take for empty wooden crates.
  • Rub the dust off of them with a piece of cloth.
  • Spray paint them using the color of your choice.
  • Let it dry.
  • Double coat if necessary.
  • Spray a protective layer of shining laminate.
  • Screw two crates together perpendicularly.
  • Repeat the previous step for the other two.
  • Join them together using a screw gun.
  • Take a wooden plank of the same dimensions as that of the crates when combined together.
  • Screw it at the bottom to form a base.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an easy and economic way of adding a little drama to an already boring room. Before you start, scroll through sample walls on Pinterest and find a pattern of frames that suits your space. You can also customize the pattern by cutting out a paper in different shapes and sizes. Then place them on the wall in different ways to filter out the one to your liking. Buy frames accordingly, place the pictures in them, and use an app to hang them evenly. You can use;

  • Old magazine covers
  • Photos from vintage calendars
  • Memories from the past
  • Artworks
  • Photographs from your favorite photographers
  • Mix and match any of the above

Colorful Cushions

Colorful or printed cushions are a great way to add life to the dull living room, especially if you have a neutral-colored couch. For cushions, you can either order some printed fabric online and stitch them at home. On the other hand, you can add a personal touch to them through embroidery on solid colored covers. However, if you do not have a sewing machine then you can search some tutorials for no-sew cushions and try that.

Before doing anything, take your time to contemplate every decision to avoid any mistakes. Plan well in advance, draw inspiration from your surroundings or online, and then take the leap. But don’t forget to experiment and play around!

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