DIY Planter Ideas

The landscaping world has shifted towards eclectic aesthetics, which involves the creative mix of objects from diverse sources. So, if you are looking for ways to spruce up your garden filled with basic terra cotta pots, take inspiration from these DIY planters ideas to add life and character to your small garden. Most of these cost way less than fancy designer pots at Urban Outfitters, plus they will be unique to your style.

Log Planter

Go for a walk around the neighborhood and bring home any abandoned wooden log from a fallen tree. Don’t worry if it has moss or dirt lying around, as this will add character to the planter. Just make sure that it is dry in the center.

Start by hollowing out the log using a hole saw attached to the drill and a chisel. Roughly mark the area you want to use as a planter and then drill holes using a spot saw. Now using a chisel and hammer, remove the wood. Repeat until the planter opening reaches your desired depth.

Smooth out the edges. Fill it with activated charcoal as it allows for air filtration and water drainage. Pour in the potting mix and plant your favorite flowers. We suggest using succulents since they don’t require deep pots. You can use it as a centerpiece for outdoor dinner parties for a rustic touch.

Concrete Planters

Have you been eyeing those artsy and minimalistic concrete planters at home depot but cannot buy them as they are highly-priced? Here is a simple DIY method to make them within a few hours and for way less money.

  • Cement (Portland cement preferably)
  • 2 Containers (inside and outside) of any size
  • Gloves
  • Utensils for mixing the cement
  • Sandpaper
  • Concrete Sealer

Prepare the molds ( using cardboard or wood) of any desired shape for the container; remember the inner mold must be smaller in length than the outer one. Put on the gloves and mix the concrete with water in a bucket. Don’t add too much water as it will take longer to dry. Pour the mixture into the outer mold until it reaches 2/3rd of its capacity. Place the smaller mold inside it and press gently. Wait until it dries. 

Carefully remove the molds and smooth the planter out with sandpaper. Drill a drainage hole at its bottom. Thoroughly clean it with water and apply the protective sealing with a brush. 

Repurpose Wooden Crates

On your next trip to the farmer’s market, buy a few wooden crates to make these gorgeous yet simple wooden planters. They are also deep enough to grow vegetables, ideal for air filtration, and water drainage. Clean them with a cloth and line their inside with landscaping fabric.

 Fill them with the soil and stones. Throw in the seeds of your favorite vegetable like broccoli or carrots. Water the seed and wait for them to grow.

Marble Planters

It is time to take out those old nail paints lying around and utilize them for these DIY planters. Good news; this project is kid-friendly. All you need is a bowl, nail paint in different colors, wooden skewers, white pots, gloves, and a spray sealer. 

Fill a bowl with cold water and drizzle nail paint in it. Use 2 -3 different colors and create a marble pattern with them using skewers. After wearing gloves, carefully dip the pot inside the bowl to print the design on them. Roll the base of the pot over the surface of the water for better results. Spray a coat of sealer over the paint. Ta-da! Ready to plant.

Pour in the potting mix and bury a plant inside them. You can even repurpose old mugs or cups for this project after drilling drain holes inside them. Regular drills might crack the porcelain, so we suggest taking them to a hardware store with a diamond-tip drill and asking them to drill the hole.

These are a few crafty ways you can recycle the old items and turn them into quirky planters. Let your imagination run wild and make use of whatever you have at home. All you need is a can-do attitude and few supplies.

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