Purchase first home

The house is one of the most important purchases in human life. Unfortunately, the recent economic crisis and an increasingly turbulent financial scenario continually undermine the possibility of making this expenditure. Precisely for this reason, the Italian state provides some facilities in order to encourage the purchase of the first home .

In this guide on the purchase of the first house, I list the tax breaks, I give you an example of calculating the expenses (including those of the notary), I explain how to request the advance of the TFR, how to request the deductions, how the credit works tax for the repurchase and when to take advantage of the benefits having one already.

Concessions: taxes and duties

Italian law favors the purchase of the first home for young couples , singles, but also for families already started for years who finally have the opportunity to realize their dream. The concessions consist of tax incentives and are:

  • Reduction of taxes to be paid on the purchase of the property;
  • Deduction for IRPEF purposes of real estate commissions if you buy the house from an agency;
  • Deduction from IRPEF of interest expense on mortgage.


If you buy your first home, you are entitled to different discount categories regarding the taxes to be paid. Here is the complete list:

  • If you buy from a manufacturing company, you only pay:
  • 4% VAT;
  • Mortgage tax of 200 euros;
  • Cadastral tax of 200 euros.
  • If you buy from private (also real estate agency) you pay only:
  • Registration tax of 3%;
  • Mortgage tax of 50 euros;
  • Cadastral tax of 50 euros.

At appliances (box, garden, etc.) Are subject to the same facilities , the maximum amount of one for each category. For example. if there are two garages, only the first house concessions apply to one, the taxes are paid on an ordinary basis in the second box.

Finally, if you buy the house from a real estate agency , you can deduct up to 1,000 euros of agency fees from the personal income tax. A deduction of 19% of commissions is due, so you can get an IRPEF refund of up to 190 euros.

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