The Best Christmas DIY’s

With Christmas right around the corner, you must be worried about all the gifts that you have to get for your family and on top of that, making your house Christmas ready! It’s very easy to lose track of your budget. We decided that this year we’d help you make the best and the most thoughtful gifts and some of the coolest decorations, all by yourself! All of our projects will make your house into the perfect winter wonderland this Christmas.

DIY Home Decor  

  1. Snowball Wreath 

Wreaths on the front door or anywhere inside the house after the Christmas tree give the most holiday vibes. This DIY is going to be the easiest thing ever, no kidding. All you need is some differently sized Styrofoam balls, glue gun, wreath form and some cute ribbons. You can ignore the wreath form and just use a cardboard cutout too. Start attaching the mixed size Styrofoam balls with the glue gun filling all the gaps, make sure that the frame is fully covered. Once you’re done you could spray paint it if you don’t like the white or just add a green or red bow at the top and hang it! 

  1. Cookie Cutter Ornaments 

All you need is cookie cutters already available in your house, some decorative patterned paper and some embellishments if you want to be a little extra. Take your cookie cutter and place it on top of the paper, trace out the shape of the cookie and cutter and then cut the paper accordingly. If your paper is a little dull try adding some glitter or embellishments on the ornament, after you’re done decorating punch a hole on top of the ornament, use a twine to make a loop and just hang it. With these Diy ornaments you can decorate all of your house at the cheapest rates. 

  1. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes 

For this one you might have to plan ahead and save some Popsicle sticks but honestly you could just find them at any stationary shop near you, clean and nicely packed. All you need to do to make snowflakes is to arrange them in the shapes you want and then use hot glue to join the pieces. You can spray paint the snowflakes golden or red to add a little more drama to your decorations and even glitter to make your house colorful and sparkly! Additionally you could also make coasters with the sticks and paint them! 

Now let’s find out some of the easiest DIY gift ideas! 

DIY Gifts 

  1. Snow Globe 

Okay, just hear me out there’s a reason every Christmas movie has a prized snow globe. They’re just inexplicably beautiful and if you make one yourself for a loved one its going to be a really cute gift. You will need some glue, a clean mason jar with a lid, epoxy and a figurine you want to put inside. Follow this step by step procedure to make the cutest Snow globe.

  1.  First of all attach the figurine to the inside of the lid in such a way that when you close the jar it’s inside it upside down. 
  2. Now fill a quarter of your jar with distilled water and add two drops of glycerin for a small jar and a bit more for a bigger jar. Don;t skip the glycerin as that’s what suspends the glitter in the water. 
  3. Now add glitter as much as you like and then close the lid tightly and give it a good shake to suspend all the glitter thoroughly. 

And we are done! 

2. Cross Stitch Or Hand Embroidery Ornament Gift 

This may be a little tricky for some of us but if you’re someone who knows how to do embroidery this is going to be a really good gift. All you need the embroidery hoop, threads, needle and a piece of cloth. You could write a quote and then embroider or write a special date or you could draw something Christmasy. Once you’re done with the embroidery don’t take it out of the hoop and take a ribbon or twine to make a loop with which it can be hung. Easiest DIY ornament gift is ready! 

3. Custom Painted Ceramic Plates 

Take a plain white ceramic plate and tap into your artistic abilities for your family and friends. Depending on who you’re making it for, decide on a picture or design you want to make and then get working. You can always just buy one from the market but wouldn’t it be so nice that whenever your loved one will eat off of that plate they’d think about you. 

With these DIY gifts none of your gifts are going to be re-gifted so let’s start making the cutest things! 

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